Guided walks, multi-day treks, & unique trail events just 3hrs from Adelaide.
There’s never been a better time to start your next adventure with us!

The Trail Rider

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The Complete Trail Experience
We offer a range of different trail experiences for people in the Southern Flinders Ranges. Walking tours with a wide range of inclusions such as accommodation and food, various trail running events including a trail marathon and the prodigious King of the Mount challenge, as well as trail services.
Walking Tours
Explore the Flinders like never before. We offer a range of day walks and multi-day treks.
Trail Running Events
The Southern Flinders Ranges is ripe for exciting trail running events, including the upcoming King of the Mount in Melrose.
Trail Services
We offer a complete range of trail services including trail maintenance, as well as courier services for Heysen walkers.
“Don’t ask us why we do it, ask yourself why you don’t join us”
Once you get a taste of the trails in the Flinders Ranges, you will be counting down the days until you can get back.

We have a range of exciting guided walks and trail events planned that will entice you to make the Southern Flinders Ranges your second home.

Stock Media Available
Are you looking for stock photos or videos of the Flinders Ranges? We can help.
High-quality, full-size photos
360° photos
High definition video
Coming soon – drone footage
Meet The Crew
We’re passionate about what we do.
Al Clarke
Quinten van der Werf


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