Trail Rider

Trails For All

Introducing the Trail Rider

The Trail Rider is designed to go where ordinary wheelchairs can’t!

With it’s robust design, single pneumatic wheel, an electric assist motor and two fit sherpas, every trail is within your reach.

The Trail Rider is capable of reaching the tallest hills, climbing over rough terrain and navigating narrow trails.  It’s never been easier for people living with mobility difficulties to get back in touch with nature.  If you or someone you know are living with a physical disability, autism, or any form of mobility impairment, we can offer you a way to explore nature that was previously unheard of.


Lightweight & Portable

The Trail Rider folds down to a compact size and is light enough for a single person to lift.  The Trail Rider will fit into a standard station wagon or SUV boot space,  allowing us to quickly travel to any destination you can imagine.

We can meet you wherever you can imagine in order to tackle the trails, or we can create bespoke tours that meet your goals.  If you want to be spolit, why not let us design your next tour package?

If you are brave enough to do it, we’re mad enough to take you.  We’re even investigating Kokoda Trail opportunities for people living with mobility difficulties.

Trail Rider Gallery

More photos coming soon!